Te Mata Exports Apples


Te Mata Exports supplies more than 500,000 cartons of apples annually to key markets in Europe, North America, Asia, India and the Middle East.

Our apples are sourced from selected growers in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Situated on the East coast of the North Island, Hawke’s Bay enjoys long hot summers and crisp winter frosts, allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and naturally. Our emphasis on supplying top quality New Zealand produce has resulted in long relationships with a loyal customer base worldwide.

NZ Queen

Te Mata Exports NZ Queen Apple
A really superb eating apple NZ Queen is a cross between Gala and Splendor that was developed in the Hawke’s Bay region. NZ Queen is a deep red, firm, juicy, and sweet apple variety harvested mid season and is well known for its excellent keeping and eating qualities.

NZ Rose

Te Mata Exports NZ Rose Apple
The third in the Pacific Series of apples that originated here in New Zealand. Pacific Rose is a cross between a Gala and a Splendor, with a rosy pink to bright red, thin outer skin. Inside, the flesh is white, sweet, crisp and juicy. This apple has excellent storage ability.

Royal Gala

Te Mata Exports Royal Gala Apple
New Zealand’s second largest volume variety. A member of the Gala family the Royal Gala has a bold, red striped appearance with a firm texture. With a thin skin and crisp sweet flesh, the Royal Gala is a very special apple. Its outstanding appearance and eating qualities have made Royal Gala one of the world’s premium varieties.

Royal Gala Extra Fancy

Te Mata Exports Royal Gala Apple Fancy Grade
Graded to a colour specification of 50-70+ colour, while still maintaining a nice red stripe and pale yellow background.


Te Mata Exports Braeburn Apple
A firm juicy bi colour apple. Braeburn has a unique combination of sweet and tart flavour with medium acidity. The tartness of this apple makes it more popular in Europe and North America. It has a great storage quality and has a distinctive crisp flesh. It has a bold red stripe on a partially orange-red colour on a green background.


Te Mata Exports Fuji Apple
The characteristic colour includes a pink stripe, but high-colour Fuji strains are now available that are closer to red all over. With low-acid sweetness combined with juicy firm-fleshed crispness, Fuji has excellent storage qualities and tends to last longer than other varieties.

Granny Smith

Te Mata Exports Granny Smith Apple
A tart, crisp, juicy apple with freckled green skin that is suitable for both eating as is and for cooking or juicing. Vivid green in colour, the Granny Smith is a fresh, juicy, crunchy, green-skinned apple with a tart taste. It has high juice content and keeps very well. The Granny Smith is an excellent desert or cooking apple.

NZ Beauty

Te Mata Exports NZ Beauty
Developed in Havelock North, New Zealand in the 1970’s from a cross between the Gala and Splendour varieties. NZ Beauty is the earliest of the series to mature during the season, it is a large, firm and juicy apple with a thin rose red skin and a full sweet flavour. Often described as “a great eat”, NZ Beauty is best consumed relatively quickly after harvest (8 to 10 weeks).

Red Delicious

Te Mata Exports Red Delicious Apple
Striped to solid red, the red Delicious is a sweet, crisp, and juicy apple. An excellent snacking apple and great for salads because of the crisp texture and sweetness. Red Delicious apples are picked from mid-March until mid-April.

Pink Lady

Te Mata Pink Lady Apple
Pink Lady has a dense, firm flesh, making it a crisp apple with a hint of accidity while remaining sweet and juicy. It has a pink blush over a pale green background.