Te Mata Exports is a trusted business, specialising in the export of quality fresh produce sourced from around the Pacific Rim.

Our history has shaped who we are. From humble beginnings we have grown to become one of Australasia’s best produce exporters, supporting a wide range of growers and international customers.

Te Mata Exports is built on relationships and real connections. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience, combined with longstanding relationships allow us to provide a high level of service to growers and customers alike.

Te Mata Peak

Te Mata Exports has grown significantly over the years, carefully building a skilled and reliable team, which has enabled us to partner with a wider range of growers and customers around the world.

However, we have never lost sight of our roots which are firmly grounded beneath Te Mata Peak, in New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay.

Te Mata Peak itself is an iconic landmark and source of identity for the region. Apart from being an outstanding natural landscape, it has a strong cultural significance to Māori - a tāonga I tuku ihō (heavenly gift). Legend has it the peak itself is the outline of the giant Te Mata – the “Sleeping Giant”.

Export Regions

We supply premium produce to key markets in Europe, North America, Middle East, and India. North and South East Asia have been a particular focus with long standing relationships and sales avenues in key markets such as China, Japan, Taiwan and South East Asia.

Our network is growing with our team not only accessing fresh produce from New Zealand and Australia, but South America, the USA and other parts of the world.